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Om Bell'Oliva
Bell’Oliva AS is a retail and wholesale company that focuses on selling and providing healthy, high quality olive oil products from Italy to foreign markets, directly to consumers via internet sales, and to retailers in the grocery, commercial kitchen, catering and horeca market.
We want to act as an efficient and easy bridge between local producers and suppliers from Italy and consumers in foreign markets. Our aim is to create an easy and affordable access for everyone to natural, healthy and high quality olive oil products from Italy.
Bell’Oliva is our brand that guarantees and safeguards our customers and consumers with natural olive oil products of the highest quality. The brand’s main aim is to provide the market with natural and healthy high quality products in an efficient and easy way, directly from local producers within different Italian regions. Another important aspect of our brand is that all Bell’Oliva products are marketed with facts about their origin. You as a customer or consumer will always know the quality profile and background of Bell’Oliva products and where they originate from.

Our Purpose

We live by one main purpose

and that is to enhance people's health

by providing them healthy foods

in an easy and efficient way.

Our Vision

Derived from our main purpose comes our vision:

To create an easy access to healthy

olive oil products of high quality

for everyone.


Our Mission

With a clear purpose and vision arises from it what we see as our mission:

To bring high quality and healthy olive oil products to foreign markets

in a most efficient and simple way making it more accessible and affordable for consumption for everyone.

In order to serve our purpose and accomplish our mission,

we believe in behaving and focusing according to the five following conducts:

  • We inspire trust.
  • We focus on what is value for our customers and consumers.
  • We keep a high standard of professionalism.
  • We are positive and easy to work with.
  • We are goal oriented.
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